2013 Subaru Outback Transmission Valve Body Replacement in Ann Arbor, MI

2013 Subaru Outback needing transmission valve body replacement

2013 Subaru Outback came to Hoover Street Auto Repair with the Check Engine Light on, the cruise control light flashing, and the brake warning light flashing. The owner reported the vehicle drove without issue.

Diagnostic Testing

Our Subaru technician used a computer scan tool and found an error code indicating an automatic transmission torque converter lock-up duty-cycle solenoid malfunction. Next, they disconnected the electrical cable to the valve body and tested all six solenoids, finding the torque converter lock-up solenoid was defective.

Subaru Outbook transmission error code for lock-up torque converter problem
2013 Subaru Outback transmission lock-up torque converter error codes for faulty valve body solenoid


The technician recommended a transmission valve body replacement, clearing previous error codes with the scan tool and retesting for additional problems. Even though this vehicle only had 115k miles on the odometer, it is starting to have transmission problems.

Low mileage Subaru Outback with transmission problems
2013 Subaru Outback with transmission valve body problem at less than 115k miles.

Repair Performed

Our technician removed the necessary components to gain access to and removed the valve body assembly from the transmission. Next, the old gasket was removed, and the housing surfaces were cleaned and prepared for the new gasket. The new valve body assembly was installed with associated gaskets and seals. Then the components removed during the repair were reassembled. Next the computer error codes were cleared, the vehicle was road tested, the transmission operation checked, and verified that the check engine warning light, cruise control warning light, and brake warning light were no longer present. The transmission now functions as designed.


How much does a 2013 Subaru Outback transmission valve body replacement cost?

The national average for a 2013 Subaru Outback Transmission Valve Body Replacement cost ranges from $1,300 to $1,500, with a breakdown of 78% parts and 22% labor.  Diagnosis, additional parts, environmental disposal fees, and taxes are not included. Prices differ depending on your location.

Note: the individual transmission solenoids are not available from Subaru. The complete valve body assembly must be replaced. There are no aftermarket parts available.

How do I know if my Subaru transmission valve body is bad?

A Check Warning Light is the most common Subaru CTV transmission valve body failure symptom. The second most common symptom is transmission shifting problems. There are reports of the transmission valve body problem causing engine stalling, vehicle bucking, or sudden transmission lock-up.

Can you drive with a bad valve body?

You should not continue to drive a Subaru with a bad valve body. A failing valve body can cause damage to other parts of the transmission, leading to costly transmission repairs. The transmission can lock up or fail without warning.


  • Find a shop that is familiar with Subaru CTV transmissions. These transmissions are VERY expensive and considered non-repairable other than the valve body. This is not a transmission to touch if the repair shop does not know what they are doing! If the transmission fails, a completely new replacement transmission will be needed.
  • Experience has shown that CVT transmissions will have fewer problems and last longer if they have regular transmission fluid replacement. Subaru factory claims that the CVT transmission has “lifetime” fluid and does not need to be changed. A transmission service is very low-cost when compared to a transmission replacement with an average cost of $7,000.

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Contact Hoover Street Auto Repair for all your Subaru service in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Our Subaru technicians have the skill and experience to diagnose and repair your Subaru Outback problems correctly. We are Subaru service specialists.

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