2008 Chevrolet Impala Automatic Transmission Shift Lock Repair Whitmore Lake MI

2008 Chevrolet Impala

This 2008 Chevrolet Impala had an automatic transmission gear shift lever that would not move out of the Park position. It was diagnosed as a broken wire leading to the shift interlock solenoid. This simple repair was a relief for a customer expecting an expensive transmission repair


Our Chevrolet technician performed a scan tool diagnostic test, found error codes stored in the vehicle computer, and verified that the transmission shift lock solenoid was not activating as reported by the scan tool.

Next, the technician performed a mechanical and visual inspection of the shift lock mechanism, finding no problems.

Then, the power shift interlock solenoid was tested with an external ground and power source, and the solenoid was found to function correctly. This pointed to a problem with the wiring to or from the interlock solenoid.

Next, both the ground wire and power wire from the brake switch were tested and found to be good. 

Then, the technician traced the wiring harness, looked for damage to the wiring, and performed end-to-end pinpoint testing of each wire. They found the ground wire for the shift interlock solenoid was broken at the wiring harness connector. 

The technician took a photo of the broken wire and reported his diagnostic findings to the service advisor and that the shift interlock wiring harness connector would need to be replaced. Our service advisor created an estimate for repair, along with photos of the broken wire, and contacted the vehicle owner. The vehicle owner approved the repair, which was completed the same day.

2008 Chevrolet Impala shift interlock solenoid wire broken
Yellow circle highlights broken auto transmission shift interlock solenoid wire on 2008 Chevrolet Impala


A broken wire in this location is very rare. It is inside the vehicle and well-protected by carpet and interior trim panels. There is no way the wire could be broken or become corroded with normal vehicle use. Most likely, the wire was defective since the vehicle was new, either having a manufacturing defect or was damaged when the car was assembled. Another possibility is the wire was broken during a collision or when the collision damage was repaired. The wire worked for a while, then finally failed from normal vehicle vibrations. No one will know exactly why this wire broke. Another one for the auto repair mystery file.


The technician removed the necessary components to access the wiring harness and removed the faulty shift interlock wiring connector. Then, they prepared the wiring harness for the new connector wires, attached the new connector wires, and sealed the wiring repairs. Next, the technician tested the gear shift interlock to verify it was now working correctly and the problem was fixed. The last step was to reassemble components removed during repairs.

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