2006 Toyota Avalon Power Steering Hose Replacement in Ann Arbor, MI

2006 Toyota Avalon power steering leak repair Ann Arbor MI

A 2006 Toyota Avalon with a customer-reported brake warning light and suspected power steering fluid leak. They asked us to diagnose the warning light and find where the fluid was leaking. We found the problem, sent the customer a digital inspection report with photos and video of the power steering leak, and provided an estimate to repair it. The customer approved our estimate, and we got to work!


The brake warning light was on, and red oil was leaking on the ground from the front area of the car wherever the vehicle was parked.


Our Toyota technician used a vehicle computer scan tool and found a low-power steering fluid warning error. They checked the power steering pump reservoir fluid level and it was low. Next, they lifted the vehicle on a hoist and did a visual under-vehicle inspection of the power steering system. They found power steering fluid leaks were coming from the power steering hoses.

2006 Toyota Avalon power steering hose leak
2006 Toyota Avalon power steering hose leak below power steering pump.

The vehicle had 190k miles on the odometer and the power steering fluid had never been flushed and replaced. The power steering system functioned correctly other than the fluid leak.

2006 Toyota Avalon brake warning light
2006 Toyota Avalon with brake warning light on. 190K miles and the power steering fluid has never been changed. This often results in failed power steering hoses.

Our technician recommended the replacement of both power steering hoses and a power steering fluid flush and replacement.

Our service advisor sent the customer a digital inspection report with photos of the problems the technician found and a detailed estimate of the power steering leak repair cost. The customer approved the repair and we got to work getting this Toyota Avalon back on the road as soon as possible!


Power steering hoses deteriorate and start to leak as they age. Although power steering fluid has additives that help extend the life of the hoses, the power steering fluid additives become less effective with age.

A power steering fluid flush and fluid replacement can help extend the life of the power steering rack and pinion, power steering pump, and power steering hoses.


The technician cleaned the leaked fluid from the power steering system and bottom of the car. They removed and replaced the power steering return line hose assembly and the power steering pressure line hose assembly.

Next, the technician performed a power steering fluid flush, adding cleaner to the system, cycling the cleaner through the system to remove residue prior to flushing, and flushing the system with one gallon of new power steering fluid to ensure thorough cleaning and refill of the system. The old power steering fluid was stored for environmental recycling.

The vehicle was test-driven to fully warm the power steering system and check that all leaks were repaired.

Best Practices

We recommend using factory power steering hose replacement parts because they fit exactly and last longer than aftermarket replacement hoses.

When replacing a power steering hose we recommend flushing the entire power steering system. We recommend replacing the power steering fluid reservoir on some vehicles because it contains a filter that becomes clogged as the fluid deteriorates.

Power steering systems can have fluid hoses in addition to the pressure hose. It is best practice to replace all power steering hoses when one fails.


2006 Toyota Avalon Power Steering Hose Replacement Price

How much does it cost to replace a 2006 Toyota Avalon Power Steering Hose?
How much does a 2006 Toyota Avalon Power Steering Hose Replacement cost?

The national average cost of replacing the power steering hose on a 2006 Toyota Avalon is $527 to $610, including parts.

The national average cost of a 2006 Toyota Avalon Power Steering Fluid Flush, including parts, ranges from $107 to $220.

The price will vary depending on the repair shop's location within the country, vehicle year, make, model, options, and the quality of the replacement parts chosen.

Diagnosis of the problem, related repairs required to complete the repair, shop supplies, environmental and disposal fees, and taxes are not included.

For a more accurate estimate based on your location and particular vehicle, you should contact a local auto repair shop.


We recommend that you change the power steering fluid in your Toyota at least once every two years or every 50,000 miles. Over time, the power steering fluid will become less effective at lubricating the system and should be replaced.


How do I know I need to change my power steering fluid?
Power steering fluid that's dark, dirty, or has a burnt smell indicates that the fluid needs to be flushed out and replaced with new power steering fluid.

What color should the power steering fluid be?
Bright red. Fluid color is the first way to check if the power steering fluid needs replacement. It is an easy inspection to remove the dipstick from the power steering pump reservoir, wipe the fluid on a clean cloth, and check the color.

What is the life expectancy of power steering fluid?
Power steering fluid lasts between two and three years or between 50,000 and 75,000 miles. Although vehicle manufacturers will provide a specific maintenance period, the condition of the fluid can be judged by visual and odor inspection.

What happens when the power steering fluid is low?
Low power steering fluid will cause a noisy power steering pump when it sucks air into the system. Air in the power steering system will cause the steering to jerk, vibrate, and be difficult to turn when the steering wheel is rotated.

While a vehicle can technically still operate with a power steering fluid leak and low fluid level, you will notice that turns are not as smooth and the steering power assist will be less than expected.

Can I drive my car if it is leaking power steering fluid?
Driving with a power steering leak could cause substantial damage to the power steering pump and power steering box if the pump runs out of fluid.

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