2012 Jeep Patriot Valve Cover Gasket Replacement in Whitmore Lake, MI

Our Jeep technician noticed a significant engine oil leak during an oil change service. The engine oil level was very low, so the oil leak was serious and could lead to that it was impossible to identify where itengine damage if the was not repaired.


There was so much oil around the engine it was impossible to identify where the oil was leaking from. We recommended an oil leak dye be added to the oil so the source of the leak could be located.

We perform an engine degrease service to clean the engine and compartment of any oil. Next, we added fluid dye to the engine oil and ran the vehicle until a valve cover gasket leak was identified.

2012 Jeep Patriot oil leak dye
Looking up at the engine from under the vehicle. Notice the green dye stain caused by the oil leak. The dye can be followed back to the source of the oil leak.


Engine valve cover gaskets wear out from vehicle use and age and will eventually require replacement. The engine oil affects the synthetic materials in the gaskets, causing them to harden. The constant expansion and contraction of the gasket when the engine warms and cools eventually breaks the gasket apart. The oil and heat eventually break down the gasket sealant.


Valve Cover Gasket Replacement

Our Jeep technician removed the valve cover from the engine and scrapped off the old gasket from the cover and the engine block. After replacing the valve cover gasket, the engine was run and inspected to verify the leak repair was successful.

The vehicle owner was very pleased not to have to clean the leaked oil from their driveway!


Oil Leak Dye Inspection Price

Engine compartment cleaning and oil dye leak inspection cost an average of $75 to $125, depending on the cleaning time. This service includes cleaning, installing oil fluid dye, and inspecting the source of the oil leak.

Valve Cover Gasket Replacement Price

The cost of a 2012 Jeep Patriot 4-cyl Valve Cover Gasket Replacement averages $350 to $420, including an Engine Valve Cover Gasket Set. This price depends on engine options, parts quality, and the location of the auto repair shop. Additional parts, shop supplies, environmental fees, disposal fees, and taxes are not included.


  • Other than changing the engine oil regularly, there is not much a vehicle owner can do to prevent a valve cover gasket failure.
  • Replace a leaking valve cover gasket as soon as the leak starts. Hot engine oil can damage many parts of a vehicle that are not designed to be in contact with engine oil. Hoses and electrical connectors will be damaged by leaking engine oil. Waiting to repair engine oil leaks will only cost you more.

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